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Anna Sandberg

Tattoo Artist

Today I was browsing the internet and came across a new tattoo apprentice from Stockholm. Her portfolio was quite impressing despite being new in the industry so I thought to share this with you tattoo fans, to watch out for a new artist in Stockholm.


Tattoo Artist

Circle who is known as a graffiti artist started his artistic career by decorating the walls in the Stockholm area and other cities in the early 80’s. In the beginning of the 90’s, he started to get a combined interest in the tattoo art. Later on he opened Circle tattoo 1995.

Jon Pall

Tattoo Artist

Like most artists, tattoo artists have their own specific styles that they excel at and styles that they are not so good at. But when it comes to the 34 years Old Icelandic artist Jon Pall, it is difficult to say… he amazingly excels at Oriental, Colored and Black & Gray styles.

Erik Reime

Tattoo Artist

Erik Reime Founder and manager of Kunsten pa Kroppen (The Art on the Body) Born in Stavern, Norway 1950. Moved to Denmark 1965. Studied sociology at University of Copenhagen. Refused military services, and instead worked at a library in Vanlose, Copenhagen for one year in 1975. Worked in a political bookshop for 10 years.