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Scandinavian Tattoo Conventions

Tattoo Culture

Tattooing has become one of the fastest-growing retail businesses in Scandinavian consequently the number of local tattoo conventions has increased. In the recent years beside the international tattoo conventions in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki we have been witnessing a growing number of various new local exhibitions in smaller cities such as Hammerfest, Trondheim, Norrköping and Malmö which to the surprise of many must of them has been very well visited and even managed to attract international audience.

Stockholm Tattoo Culture

Tattoo Culture

Sense 1972 from the time the first Stockholm’s tattoo studio was open in Aspudden by Ove Skog Alias known by the name Doc Forrest, the cultural reference books, professional journals, newspapers and magazines has recognized tattooing as a well-established art form that, over the last three decades, has undergone dramatic changes and have become a widespread craft and are a highly appreciated art form thanks to the high competence among tattoo artists.