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Choosing a Tattoo Artist

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Reputation is all.
Tattoo artists fall into two different categories: those who have had formal training or an apprenticeship and “scratchers.’

The scratcher is an untrained tattooist who may be artistically gifted but rarely bothers sterilizing his instruments. The scratcher may work out of a studio, but often works from his home, a basement or the back room of a bar. They may describe themselves as freelancer. A scratcher often purchases equipment through the Internet or email. The worst thing about a scratcher is their tendency to reuse needles which of course can lead to fatal diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS.

Religious Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Design

Like other tattoo designs, the religious tattoo designs are also popular. The religious tattoos attract a lot of followers of religion or some kind of faith like Scientology and alike. Almost every religion in this world flaunted tattoo art except Islam which prohibits tattoo art. However there are some words especially Arabic words which found its significance in tattoo art in Egyptian and African Islamic countries.

Lower Back Tattoo – Today’s generation craze

Tattoo Design

There are several different tattoos shapes and designs that are available out there. With the changing trends each day in terms of designs and colors, there is something more. You can see numerous additions in the list of preferred tattoo painting spots of the beautiful ladies too. Low back is on the hit list or say on the hot list.

Where to find tattoo designs?

Tattoo Design

Inspiration from the Heart
If you ask any tattoo artist, he or she will tell you that the best place to find a design is within your heart. However what is in your heart may not be the most practical design for you. Also it may be difficult to describe what is in your heart to the tattoo artist, who is after all, sitting there with a tattoo needle ready to brand you forever. It is highly recommended that you bring some kind of template or design with you before you visit the tattoo artist, as like a diamond, a tattoo is forever.